Mapping Samples

While many mapping companies exist, very few take the customized and research-based approach of the Earthvision product. All our data is either internally verified, or is provided from a syndicated source, which guarantees accurracy and completeness. And unlike the competition, data is reverified for completeness and accurracy during the production process of any map. We also understand that not every project requires every single database to be displayed on a map. Each map is customized to our customers unique objectives and needs. Our customers understand that when working with Earthvision, they are truly getting a customized product.

Detailed below are just a few examples of our work:

Market Overview Maps (click sample for larger version)


These maps are most  used to display the existing and/or future potential of a market. There are various types of data that can be displayed, including future and existing residential and retail developments, retailers, current land owners, demographics, neighborhood data, flood plains, and other pertinent landmarks. We can even utilize our database of historic imagery to illustrate the growth that has occurred in a market. 

Project / Site Marketing Maps  (click sample for larger version)


These maps are most commonly used by developers and landlord representatives to market a property based on the merits of the surrounding trade area. Just like the market overview maps, there are various types of data that can be displayed to illustrate your site’s qualities.

Lifestyle Segmentation Maps  (click sample for larger version)


These maps simplify the process of utilizing lifestyle segmentation data. Rather than generating a large text report, our maps focus on displaying the lifestyles that either dominate the trade area or the lifestyles that are of greatest interest to the project or targeted retailer. 

Retail Aerial Maps  (click sample for larger version)


These maps can be used to illustrate individual retail opportunities within a retail sub-market. Unlike a market overview map, which is typically used to qualify an entire trade area, these maps are frequently used to illustrate individual opportunities and the merits of a specific site within a trade area. 

Demographic Maps (click sample for larger version)


While the core of our focus is aerial imagery, demographic data can be used to quantify a decision. Earthvision can map and further analyze practically any demographic dataset or combination of datasets. 

Ownership Maps  (click sample for larger version)

While knowing the current parcel / property ownerships is important, the ability to display large amounts of ownership data on a map is invaluable. Our proprietary system for tracking and monitoring ownership changes allows us to provide the most updated and accurate ownership aerials.

Marketing Samples (coming soon)

Company / Property Branding:  Earthvision, LLC has formed a strategic partnership with Factory Creative ( to provide branding and creative services to our clients.  Ronn Sapp, Creative Director for Factory Creative, has over two decades of experience in design, strategy, and implementation.  Additionally, his experience branding commercial real estate companies and development makes Factory Creative an ideal partner.

Fliers, Mailers, Brochures: Earthvision and Factory Creative work in partnership to provide design and maintenance of a wide array of marketing materials, including fliers, mailers, and brochures. 

Poster / Signage Design and Printing: Whether you need 2 Coming Soon signs, or 500 For Lease signs, Earthvision can handle everything from the layout, to production, to delivery.

Web Design, Implementation, and Maintenance: If you have an existing website that needs maintenance, or need an entire website built from the ground up, CCG can help.  From simple websites to sophisticated content management services, static or flash-animated, it's all possible through our creative partners.

If you are interested in any of these services, please do not hesitate to call 214.379.7450 or email  An Earthvision representative will contact you shortly to discuss your needs further.

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